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From day one, we’ve done things a little differently in our bakeries—whether it was sourcing our organic ingredients from local suppliers like camas country mill or becoming the first oregon tilth certified organic bakery in town!

Made from scratch daily, our fresh-baked artisan breads are made with the same goodness that’s gone into traditional breads for generations.

Crafted by our own bakers using traditional recipes, we fresh bake every loaf daily and are one of the first bakeries in the Northwest to be Non-GMO Project Verified. That means every ingredient, every source and every process that goes into creating our 20 core artisan breads has been vetted and certified non-GMO.

Additionally, the majority of our breads are also vegan, with the exception our challah, which is made with eggs, and some specialty breads made with honey.

New for 2018, our Bread of the Season is a rotating loaf that gives our bakers the opportunity to use new, innovative recipes.

News Seasons Market employee taking out freshly baked baguettes.

In Portland and Seattle, we’re starting with a Northwest Whole Grain made with 100% whole grains (whole wheat, rye, and barely) all grown in Oregon and Washington, and milled by Camas Country Mill.

We have a ton of tasty options that rotate by store, but here’s a selection of breads you’ll find at every New Seasons bakery:

ORGANIC CIABATTAORGANIC CIABATTA: Ciabatta, or Italian "slipper" bread, is characterized by its open crumb (big holes) and chewy crust.OLIVE CIABATTAOLIVE CIABATTA: Juicy Kalamata olives dot this traditional Italian bread with a chewy crust and airy interior.ORGANIC FRENCH BATARDORGANIC FRENCH BATARD: Crunchy, crispy French bread with a light and airy interior.ORGANIC SOURDOUGHORGANIC SOURDOUGH: Made with our secret sourdough starter dating back to 1849.GARLIC ROMANO MINI BAGUETTEGARLIC ROMANO MINI BAGUETTE: French bread with Romano cheese and whole cloves of garlic that roast during baking.