Brand Spankin' New


Organic Kishu Mandarins​

We wait all year for Jim Churchill’s Kishu Mandarins because they are just that good. These heirloom mandarins are delightfully tiny and originally from China by way of Japan. Kishus are deliciously sweet, totally seedless, and easy to peel, but since their season is so short (usually a couple weeks), be sure to snag some today before they’re gone for the year.


California Melogold Grapefruit

Named for its mellow flavor and rich color, the Melogold Grapefruit holds a special place on our breakfast tables. A cross between a pummelo and a white grapefruit, it’s less bitter than a regular grapefruit, is nearly seedless and extremely juicy. You can peel a Melogold and eat it just like an orange or enjoy it traditionally with a grapefruit spoon (no sugar required).


Honeycrisp Apples

Developed in the 1960s and introduced to the market in the 90s, Honeycrisp apples are large, crunchy, and sweet. We’re stoked to have these transitional Honeycrisp apples, grown for their second year without any chemicals. Packed exclusively for New Seasons, their taste and texture make them perfect for baking. Apple crumble, anyone?


Organic Manilla Mangoes

Mangos have been called the “Fruit of the Gods” and the decadent Manila mango will definitely make you think it came from heaven. These pale yellow mangos are more slender than other varieties, but the real difference comes in the creamy, velvety texture and super sweet flesh inside. Our Manila mangos are the first of the season and will transport you to the tropics (no sunscreen required).


Sumo Tangerines

New year means a big stash of brand new stuff in our stores – including the excellently-named Sumo Tangerines. Simply peeled and eaten, they’ll deliver a body slam of pure citrusy goodness to your taste buds — but if you’re feeling more adventurous, we’ve got a recipe for waffles with fresh citrus that’ll knock you clean out of the ring!


Sprouted Grain w/chia sliced sandwich bread

Life’s too short for boring bread. Top some of this all-new, fibre-packed delight with our special spinach hummus recipe.


Sabor Mexicano Tortilla Chips

Grown in the Bay Area with GMO free corn, these deliver an authentic, restaurant-style snap. They’re excellent with this baked artichoke dip recipe.


Beyond Bone Broth

These savory, mineral-rich broths offer a new way to get the nutrients needed to strengthen your bones and joints.