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Joining the Good Food Holdings Family

New Seasons Market leadership teamWe are excited to announce that New Seasons Market is joining the Good Food Holdings family! This is big news so we want to share more about what this means for us and you, our dear customer. Because at the end of the day, the decisions we make are first and foremost about nurturing our relationship with you, our staff and the community.

In short, this new partnership was mindfully made with the purpose of strengthening the founding principles and values that our company has been built upon, with our mission commitments written in the agreement. Good Food Holdings is a natural fit for us because it supports high quality, independent and regionally focused neighborhood grocers on the West Coast. While our investment partners have global experience, we are working alongside like-minded brands with a shared commitment to creating a meaningful in-store experience, building community through good food and supporting a healthy regional food system.

What this means is that we’re still your friendly neighborhood grocer offering your favorite local products. The staff you know and love will greet you when you drop in. We continue to be locally and independently operated, with our current leadership team moving us forward. We remain committed to supporting our staff with leading pay and benefits, donating 10% of our after-tax profits annually to local nonprofits, sponsoring low-interest loan funds for small local producers and maintaining our certified B Corporation status.

We have so much gratitude to our founding families and remain passionately invested in our neighbors, customers and the local community.

Read more in this Q & A:

   •   Who is Good Food Holdings?

Good Food Holdings supports high quality, independent and regionally focused neighborhood grocers, including Metropolitan Market in Seattle, Bristol Farms in Southern California, and Lazy Acres Natural Market along the Southern Central Coast of California. Like New Seasons Market, these grocers are well established in and deeply connected to their communities. We are proud to join this family with a shared commitment to building community through good food and delivering the best experience for staff, customers, and the communities.

   •   Why are you joining Good Food Holdings?

We made a mindful decision to merge with Good Food Holdings to strengthen our founding principles, and ensure our long-term success and continued support of our staff, vendors and the local communities we serve.

   •   Will you still honor your company mission, sustainability efforts and commitment to the community?

This partnership supports continued investment in our mission. Although our investment partner has changed, our values have not. We worked closely with Good Food Holdings to include our mission commitments as part of the agreement. We will continue to be a progressive employer with leading pay and benefits, give 10% of our after-tax profits to the communities we serve, maintain B Corp’s high standards for social and environmental practices, and build a sustainable local food system through programs like the Partner Fund. CEO Forrest Hoffmaster will serve on the Good Food Holdings board of directors, and a new mission advisory council will provide guidance to the board of directors and management team on maintaining the companies’ purpose and mission impact.

   •   Are you still local?

Local means sourcing locally, hiring locally, local leadership and giving back to our local communities. These are all still critically important to us and fundamental to our business model. We are still your local neighborhood market, committed to our amazing, local producers and community partners, hiring from our local neighborhoods and supporting the regional food economy.

   •   Will I still see the same local products in your store?

Yes! We’ve worked with over 1,500 local producers within 100 miles of our neighborhood stores since our founding, and more than 35% of our products are made locally along the West Coast. We’re excited to continue growing with our local farmers, ranchers, fishers and producers, and will continue to offer your favorite local and organic products.

   •   What is happening to New Seasons Market stores in Seattle?

The Good Food Holdings family of grocers are each deeply rooted in their communities, from Southern California to Seattle. As a part of this new family, we are not going to compete with each other in our communities. Metropolitan Market, having served Seattle since 1971, will be the exclusive Good Food Holdings brand in that region. We have made the difficult decision to close the Ballard location, and are supporting our staff with job search assistance, transition pay and extended healthcare benefits for a total of 3 months. Metropolitan Market will acquire the Mercer Island location and convert the store to serve the neighborhood as Metropolitan Market by mid-2020, and we will not open in Seattle’s Central District as planned.

We are immensely proud of our Seattle staff for their excellent service to the community, and are taking great care to support them and help them secure jobs with New Seasons Market in the greater Portland metro area, and Metropolitan Market in Seattle.

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