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Meet the Locals

Being a local at New Seasons Market is a good thing—it means you’re one of the thousands of people in our community who make really good food. Supporting local ranchers, fishermen, makers and growers is the way we champion the regional food economy. It’s how we encourage local innovation and food-based entrepreneurism. And it’s how we build and foster that connection between you and the people who work hard to bring us such delicious food.

That's why we’d rather have a 50-year relationship than a 5-year contract. Because at the end of the day, these locals aren’t just vendors. They’re people, and they’re our friends. And we want them to thrive—now, and for generations to come.


Scratch Farms

Canby, OR

Andrew Cramer raises cluckin’ happy chickens. They’re hormone-free, antibiotic-free, and free to roam in generous amounts of space. All feed is milled on-site from local Oregon farms.



Portland, OR

Katie has always loved the salty/sweet combo that is peanut butter and marshmallow, but after moving from Boston to Portland, she couldn’t find just the right product to suit her childhood cravings. So what’s a girl to do besides invent her own favorite snack? Now, Katie’s Kerfluffle is blowing up all over the Pacific... Read more...

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Maryhill Orchards

Columbia River Gorge, Washington

What’s the secret behind a Maryhill peach? The Gunkels, third-generation growers on the Washington side of the Columbia River Gorge, let the fruit ripen on the tree and never ship farther than 100 miles.

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Unger Farms

Cornelius, Oregon

Delivered daily, the Ungers’ berries are the best berries around. Here’s why: they let them ripen on the vine, only pick the best, then send the berries into a special cooler to pull out the field heat.

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Seasons Peak

Riddle, Oregon

The McClarans are one of twelve Oregon and Washington ranches that have combined forces to produce Seasons Peak Grass Fed Beef for New Seasons. Using varied resources and the Northwest’s unique microclimates—plus their stellar pasture management skills—these 12 ranches provide quality beef to New Seasons customers without the use of... Read more...

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Rieben Farms

Banks, Oregon

Greg Rieben is a fourth generation farmer and pork producer on the same land in Banks, Oregon, that his great-grandfather started farming in 1889. Our relationship with the Rieben family is strong and long-lasting, starting when the Rieben family and volunteers from our meat department built innovative hoop structures for their farm. Then, we... Read more...

Native Harvest

Native Harvest

Olympia, WA

This Quinault family-owned business is firmly rooted in the rich salmon-gathering traditions of Native tribes throughout the Northwest. A favorite of many of the region’s top chefs, Native Harvest is not only providing a livelihood for Native fishermen–they’re also acting as stewards for the future of the Northwest’s wild... Read more...

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Reinholdt Fisheries

Astoria, OR

Jerry Reinholdt’s a 40-year vet of the Seafood Producers’ Co-op, and he’s been supplying New Seasons Market with wild-caught hook-and-line fish since the day we opened. Jerry and his son Jasper fish salmon and albacore for us, while his brother, Tom, catches the halibut up in Alaska. “By Sunday morning,” he explains,... Read more...


Loki Fish Co.


Loki Fish Company is a family owned and operated business founded in 1979 by Pete Knutson and Hing Lau Ng, harvesting wild salmon and halibut from southeast Alaska and Puget Sound. From being gillnet-caught, to being immediately chilled, to custom processing in Bellingham, the family is personally involved in every step, ensuring the highest level... Read more...

Drops of moisture cling the the petals of a pair of dahlia blooms in a Cape Cod garden.

Swan Island

Canby, OR

Swan Island Dahlias, in business for over 89 years, is the largest and leading grower in the United States. Located in Canby, OR, in the rich soil of the Willamette Valley of Oregon, this family-run business produces the largest full color dahlia catalog in the industry— growing over 360 varieties on 40 acres. The arrival of these stunning... Read more...