Since our founding we’ve been a different kind of grocery store. One that places as much value on taking care of our staff, communities and environment as we do in growing a sustainable and profitable business—and our commitment to these values remains strong! Wanna read more on our progressive grocer practices? Check out what makes us tick.

We’d like to answer a few of the more common questions we’re being asked about labor and unionization at New Seasons. See our Q&A below for updates to this ongoing discussion.

How does New Seasons Market support its staff?

We were founded with the intent to give everyone a voice and opportunity to build community. Nearly 20 years later, we’re proud of our strong track record of valuing and supporting our staff with industry leading pay and benefits, including paid parental leave for all types of families, secure lifestyle scheduling, paid volunteer opportunities, career development and more.

We also have a long history of championing social issues affecting our staff and local communities, including minimum wage increases, fair workweek regulations, affordable housing, paid family and medical leave, and marriage equality.

Is New Seasons Market anti-union?
No, New Seasons Market is not anti-union. As a progressive grocer, we encourage our staff to speak up, build community and have their voice heard. So far in our 20 years, our staff have chosen a direct line of communication with company leadership.