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Work With Us

Where are all the jobs for a particular store or location?

Our online career center shows only a list of stores/locations where there are current job openings. So, if there are no jobs open at a specific store/location, the store will not appear on the dropdown list.

How will I know when my dream job is posted?

Our online Career Center can notify you when a job is posted that matches criteria you’ve selected. To receive notifications, click on “myJobAgent” when you’re creating or editing your online profile.

I can't see the information I entered in my profile. Is it gone?

Sometimes, information entered into the system is not properly saved. To avoid this happening to you, remember to follow these two steps: 


1. After you have completed all the fields in your profile, click "CONFIRM" at the bottom of the online form. If you have completed all of the required fields, the page will refresh.  


2. Scroll down to the bottom again and click "SUBMIT."

I am getting an error message that reads “invalid start/end date info”

Please be sure to fill in the month, day and year for your employment dates. If you are unsure of the actual date, that’s OK.  Just use the last day of the month for your start date, and the first day of the month for your end date.

I already have an online profile, but I can't remember my password

On the Login page, look for the box that says “Forgot your password?” Enter your email address, and then you will be asked to answer two challenge questions, which were set up when you created your profile. Once you have correctly answered the challenge questions, you will be prompted to create and verify a new password of your choosing.

I applied for a job, but now I don't see it listed under “Jobs I’ve Applied To.” What went wrong?

We’re sorry for any confusion. There is a brief period of time after a job posting “closes” and before the job is filled when it may not appear in your "Jobs I've Applied To" listing. However, if you received the message "Thanks for applying" onscreen, and an email message titled "Thanks for your application!" then your profile was definitely included in the applicant pool for that position.

I thought I was qualified for the job, but I didn't get an interview.

It is not uncommon for us to receive hundreds of applications for a single position. Please regularly review and update your profile to be sure your information and the answers you have provided accurately reflect your skills and interest in the position that is posted. 


Our Products

How do I find what's on sale this week?

The best way to keep up-to-date on sales and specials is to receive our Weekly Specials Flyer. Download a PDF here or sign up to receive Weekly Specials in the comfort of your inbox. You can also find the Weekly Specials Flyer in several local newspapers on Wednesdays.


What does an organic label mean?

The USDA Organic Label means that the ingredients were grown without the use of toxic pesticides and fertilizers, genetically engineered organisms, irradiation, growth hormones, or antibiotics. Only products that comply fully can use the USDA Organic Label. Learn more at USDA Organic.


How do I learn more about selling products in your store?

We are always looking for new products to sell at New Seasons Market. Learn more at Sell to Us on our site. You can even fill out an application. Be sure to select the department best suited for your product.

What if I would like you to carry a product I don't see on your shelves?

You can make a request on our site under Talk With Us. Or, fill out a comment card at your neighborhood New Seasons Market.

Where do your delicious breads come from? Are they organic?

We bake all our breads daily in hearth ovens using organic ingredients. Many of our stores have ovens on site. Stop by and have a sample or two. It's futile to resist. Visit our Bakery.

Is it really that much better to buy local?

You bet. We think it's important to support the local and regional food economy. Our produce is fresher. Our meats and seafood taste better. And we're helping our local economy thrive. 


What does Home Grown mean?

Home Grown is the term New Seasons Market uses to let you know that a product in our stores is from a local farm, ranch or producer. It's our way of giving you the opportunity to support the local and regional economy with your dollars. Look for the Home Grown label throughout your neighborhood store.



Our Stores

What is your policy on returns and exchanges?

We want you to be happy with your purchase. If you need to return something, just bring it back to a cashier inside the New Seasons Market nearest you and we’ll give you a refund, or you can exchange it for something else. Having your receipt is always helpful.

How often do you have tastings?

Almost every weekend, our stores offer a tasting from 11am – 5pm, on both Saturday and Sunday. Many of our stores also have wine and beer tastings during the week. To see what’s on the calendar for this coming weekend, visit the Events section. Click on the store you plan to visit for a view of events.

How do I sign up for a class?

Call or stop by the New Seasons Market location where the class is being hosted. The Wellness Department will sign you up!

How can I receive the Weekly Specials or weekly ad?

You can sign up here to receive Weekly Specials in the comfort of your inbox. Or scroll to the bottom of any page on our website and click on the Weekly Specials icon to sign up. 

Where can I find more information on store events?

You’ll find information on events at all our stores on the Events page. Click the location of interest at the top of the calendar. Scroll over the title and a description will pop up. 

What discounts does New Seasons Market offer?

To say Thanks to veterans, military personnel and their dependents, we offer 10% off almost everything every Tuesday. Seniors 65 or better receive a 10% discount every Wednesday. And most purchases of full, unopened cases of product come with a 10% discount.

Where can I find a list of store addresses, contact numbers and store hours?

Go to the Our Stores section and select Find a Store. The address, map and store hours will appear in the upper right side of the page.

What are your stores’ hours of operation?

All of our stores are open 8am-10pm, seven days a week!


Our Website

How can I find something specific on your website?

You can find specific information on the site by going to the upper right corner of any page, including this one, and typing in your request where it says, “what can I help you find?”


Who should I contact regarding press requests?

Please contact Amy Brown, Marketing Director, at for all media requests.

Can I sign up to receive your newsletter and weekly specials online?

Absolutely! Simply go to the Email Sign Up in the Talk With Us Section and fill out the form. Before you know it, Weekly Specials and news on upcoming Tastings and more will be coming to your inbox.

Where’s the Online Deli?

We’re always trying to improve our service, so we’re trying something new — a phone order system. We think you’ll find that our new system means your orders are timely, customized and delicious every time. Download the order form and place your order!

Who designed the New Seasons Market website?

Moto Interactive + Branding, a design firm in Portland that creates web-centric brand experiences through brand strategy, brand design and website design.


Our Community

How can I learn more about the donation process for a nonprofit organization?

Did you know we donate 10% of our after-tax profits to nonprofit organizations? We focus our support in three key areas: Feeding the hungry; educating our youth; and improving our environment. We support these three criteria through grants, donations, benefit barbecues and more. Check out Our Community to learn about who we donate to, and how to apply!

How can I request a donation on behalf of my organization?

If you are requesting a donation on behalf of a small or neighborhood nonprofit like a school or church, simply go to your neighborhood store and ask to speak with the store manager. If you are requesting a donation through an organization or project that supports feeding the hungry, educating our youth or improving the environment, go to the Our Community section of the site and fill out the donation request form. 

How can I find out more about New Seasons Market grants?

To learn more about the New Seasons Market grant program, contact Claudia Knotek at



I'd like to take a gluten-free products tour at a store. How do I do that?

Visit the Events page and and call your favorite store for a gluten-free tour with one of our staff nutritionists. 

How can I learn more about diets, supplements, herbal remedies etc.?

Next time you're shopping at New Seasons Market, ask a staff person in the Wellness department or email one of our nutritionists at We also offer many classes on nutrition and wellness. Visit the calendar of your favorite store for more information.

How are your nutritionists trained?

To be a nutritionist at New Seasons Market we ask for either a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition or a Masters of Science in Nutrition. In addition, our nutritionists are well-versed in current research, popular diets and ever-changing food trends. 

How can I reach a New Seasons Market nutritionist?

We have three on-staff nutritionists. You can reach them by email at



How can I learn more about your recycling program?

To learn more about how and what we recycle, visit Our Practices in the Talk With Us section of the site. Or go to the Talk With Us section and email us with any questions you may have about how we recycle. 

What can I compost at New Seasons Market?

We have a compost bin in all of our seating areas. Compost bins are located near the bus tub station where all dishware and recycling is placed.


You can compost:

  • Food scraps, including meat, bones and fruits/vegetables at our stores


The following cannot be composted at New Seasons Market:

  • Anything that is not organic matter: glass, metal, potato chip bags, and plastic
  • Brown paper boxes at the salad /wok bar and deli (they are lined with plastic)
  • Paper soup bowls (they are lined with plastic)
  • Liquids of any kind 
  • Napkins
  • Food soiled paper and waxed "paddy" papers
  • Paper coffee cups from New Seasons (we use non-plastic lined cups) and coffee cup sleeves
  • To-go boxes made of wheat fiber
  • To-go utensils
  • Small amounts of wood like toothpicks without frills, chopsticks, coffee stir-sticks, taster spoons

What can I recycle at New Seasons Market?

You can recycle some of the hard-to-recycle items that aren't picked up by your curbside service with us.  


Plastic lids and plastic clamshells #1-6

Rinse and drop your plastic lids and plastic clamshells at the recycling station in front of any of our stores and we'll take care of the rest. Please recycle your plastic tubs and plastic bottles (6 oz. or larger) with your paper and metal recycling collection at the curb.  


Plastic bags  

We encourage you to reuse your plastic bags when you shop with us and we will credit you a nickel per bag. We also collect clean plastic bags in the recycling station in front of each store. Plastic bags are not accepted in the residential curb collection.


Paper Bags

We'll give you a nickel credit per bag when you reuse a paper bag. Many of our customers take advantage of this great way to reduce waste: 35% of our customer transactions in 2010 included a reusable bag. Paper bags can also be recycled in your curbside recycling service and at our stores.

What is recyclable in my curbside bins at home?

Learn more about what to recycle at home.

You can also check Metro's Find A Recycler or call 503-234-3000.

What do I do with other things like toxic waste and batteries?

Learn more about how to properly dispose of hazardous waste.

Want to learn more about how to create a safer home? Check out these ideas from Metro.

How can I learn more about bottle and can deposits?

At our Oregon stores, for your bottles and cans that require a deposit, New Seasons Market is happy to refund you for those empties. Or, you can donate your cans and bottles at our stores. Proceeds benefit the Portland Schools Foundation, the Beaverton Education Foundation and the Hillsboro Schools Foundation. It's such an easy way to donate, and all those little bits really do add up.


Acceptable Beverage Containers:


  • Beer or Malt Beverage
  • Soda or Soft Drink
  • Carbonated Water
  • Non-Carbonated Water
  • Flavored Water ("Water" must be on label)
  • Non-Carbonated Sports Drinks with "Water" on Label
  • Carbonated Sports Drinks defined as a "Soft Drink"  


Learn more about The Bottle Bill

Can I bring in my own container for you to serve me my Deli and Meat foods?

Regulatory guidelines do not allow us to serve food in customer containers. However, customers can bring in their own containers for purchase of bulk foods. 


Need more information on recycling?

Here are some great resources:

Oregon State Department of Environmental Quality 

A state regulatory agency that protects the quality of Oregon's environment.

Far West Fibers 

A local company that processes Portland's curbside recycling materials.


A great resource for recycling of all kinds.

Metro: Find a Recycler 

Find a recycler for any of your needs.

If you live in Vancouver, try Vancouver Recycling.

Want to learn more about sustainability and recycling?

Check out these videos:

Story of Stuff 

Miles the Can 

Where does the New Seasons Market compost go?

Our compost goes to one of three facilities to be processed; two in the Portland metro area and one in Cedar Grove, Washington. 


What happens to compost after it goes to the commercial facilities?

Commercial facilities are different from a backyard compost system. The food waste is shredded, aerated, heated, cured, and then tested before being bagged and sold to customers. 


Can I compost at home?

Sure. There are lots of ways to do this. Metro is a great resource to get started. A few years ago, Metro rolled out yard waste collection at the curb and everyone received green roll carts. In the future, Portland households will have a curbside collection that will include organic food matter. Learn more about the City of Portland pilot program. 


I noticed you compost meat and bones at your stores. Can I do that at home?

As of October 31, 2011, Portland residents combine food scraps including meat and bones with their yard waste for curbside service.

You don't want meat and bones in your backyard compost pile, but they are acceptable in a commercial system like we use at New Seasons Market. 

What are you doing to conserve energy in your stores?

The Hawthorne location was designed to operate with 25% less energy than that required by Oregon's energy code. 95% of the building materials were recycled (metal), repurposed (wood beams) or reused (concrete and asphalt). And, we became one of the first Pacific Northwest grocers to use glycol as a refrigerant instead of CFC/HCFC because it has a lower carbon footprint and is gentler to the ozone.


We participate in the reusable plastic cartons (RPC) program, and ask that our produce deliveries be packed in reusable plastic cartons. We stock the produce and save the empty containers, which are returned for cleaning and sanitation and then reused. In a lifecycle assessment the average RPC application produces 95% less total solid waste, generates 29% less greenhouse gas emissions, and requires 39% less energy than common corrugated boxes.

Do you use renewable energy?

Yes. We purchase 15% wind power through Pacific Power and Portland General Electric's Clean Wind Renewable Power program. In 2011, 2,837,468 pounds of CO2 was avoided, the equivalent of 3,124,996 miles not driven, through our purchase of clean wind power. Learn more about Clean Wind






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