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Our Mission

We want to be the ultimate neighborhood grocery store. That means creating the best shopping experience possible. One that is easy, fun to shop, and genuinely friendly. It means providing you with the best mix of products, from Frosted Flakes to free-range chicken. It means building a market for local and regional products and supporting family farms. It means giving back to our community, and creating a progressive workplace where our staff can thrive.

Our Values

We believe in taking care of our customers, and each other. We are champions of a healthy regional food system. We strive to build community inside and outside our stores. We embrace diversity and other points of view.

Our Vision

Ten to 15 years down the road: we want to have more stores just like the ones you know and love us for today. We will always be your neighborhood grocery store, providing "friendliest store in town" service every day. We want to empower customers to vote with their dollars and support positive change. We want to be an active participant in a regional food shed that is healthy and economically viable. And we want to be one of best companies to work for in the Northwest.

Original New Seasons Market in Raleigh Hills

Three families and 50 friends got together back in 1999 and decided to open a grocery store. Not just any grocery store, mind you, but one that carried everything from the essentials to the extraordinary. It had to be friendly, fun, neighborly and supportive of sustainable agriculture. So, on Leap Day, 2000, dreams and ideas gave way to our first store opening at Raleigh Hills.

As a locally owned business, we take pride in supporting local farms, ranches and other small businesses through our Home Grown program. The Home Grown symbol points out products from produce and meat to hand lotions and scented candles that come from local companies. So, you can support the local and regional economy with your dollars. And we can further our strong commitment to sustainable agriculture.

We show our commitment to the community by giving 10% of our after-tax profits to various organizations through grants and donations. And our staff gets out there to volunteer, engage and participate!

Looking ahead, we want to grow at a sustainable pace. We're not looking to be the biggest grocery store in town, just the friendliest. Visit our stores and you'll find that each one has its own unique character and personality. We are your neighborhood grocery store.

Trust Your Source

We believe in empowering our customers with options. That’s why we’re partnering with the Non-GMO Project and have endorsed YES on Measure 92, which requires labeling of genetically engineered foods so Oregonians have the information to make informed choices for themselves and their families.

We’re also making big changes in our stores: we’ve partnered with Draper Valley Farms to offer Non-GMO Project Verified chicken, and with Country Natural Beef to offer beef finished on a corn-free ration without GMO grains. Meanwhile, one of our local pork suppliers has already been Non-GMO Project Verified and the other has their verification pending.

All of this is part of a larger goal—to eliminate GMO grains from the feed of every animal sold in our meat department. Our strategy? By cultivating deep-rooted relationships with local ranchers and poultry farmers, we have the support of the hardworking folks who create change in the pasture, each and every day. 




Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

An amazing thing happens when a grocery store finds ways to drastically reduce what goes in the landfill. We build partnerships with other businesses to help us make it happen. Together we're making a difference. So, we reuse, recycle, compost and donate stuff that would otherwise end up in the trash. We find places for everything from plastics and Styrofoam peanuts to paper, wine corks and even our cooking oil.

Want to learn more about recycling? Visit our FAQ's.


The first thing we focus on is reducing our food waste. We do this by donating edible product that is not saleable to those in need. Each of our stores has several partners we donate to, in addition to sending safe, non-saleable food home with our staff. From there, we divert all the food waste and compostable materials we can to commercial compost facilities in the region. We reduce landfill waste by millions of pounds, literally.

Want to learn more about our composting program? Visit our FAQ's.

Moving Right Along

Many members of our staff bike to work. So, every year, we participate in the Bicycle Transportation Alliance's Bike Commute Challenge to see how many thousands of trips and miles we cumulatively accumulate by riding our bikes to and from work.  

We also offer ZipCar membership discounts and driving credits to staff members and customers. Learn more about our ZipCar partnership.

Bioswales & Green Roofs

To the untrained eye, the plantings at several of our locations look like nice landscaping. In fact, they are bioswales working very hard to improve the water quality of our city. Bioswales are planter-like ditches full of native plants that help absorb and filter water. They also create bird habitat. About a million gallons of water cycle through these bioswales annually. And that reduces pollutants from going into the Willamette River during heavy rains. The Arbor Lodge store even has a "living roof" of plants and soil that helps divert water runoff from the sewers.

Meet our Green Teams

Every store has a Green Team comprised of passionate, engaged, enthusiastic staff members. Thanks to these folks, we've improved our waste reduction, the way we recycle and compost, and increased community awareness of sustainability through service work.

Energy Awareness

We teamed up with the Energy Trust of Oregon to complete an energy audit of our stores focusing on electricity, gas and water usage. As a result, we are working together to improve energy efficiency in our current locations and incorporate green building standards in future stores.


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