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If you’ve seen our remodel in progress over the past couple of months, then you know better than anyone that we’ve made some major improvements. Thanks for hanging in there! If you left us while we were under construction, now’s the time to come back and see what’s new. We think you’ll find that it all feels bigger, cleaner, newer. 

Great New Things

  • All New Burrito Bar
  • Kombucha on Tap at the Coffee Bar
  • Expanded Grab 'n' Go Section
  • Roomier Produce Section
  • Redesigned Bakery with Better Bread than Ever Before
  • More Express Registers and Less Waiting in Line

We can’t wait to show you around the store! Things have moved around quite a bit, so use this fun map to explore your store and discover what’s different. We love our “new” store, and think you will, too. Let us know what you think! Email us at talktous@newseasonsmarket.com.


Working here, it's easy to be inspired by the activism of the community around us. As supporters of the DCBA (Division Clinton Business Association), we host neighborhood meetings and participate in many events throughout the year. Neighborhood cleanups give way to street fairs like the Muddy Boot Festival and the Division Street Parade in the summer.

As proud supporters of Loaves & Fishes, the Meals-On-Wheels People, we help make weekly deliveries of food and conversation to seniors in our neighborhood.

Looking for a donation for your neighborhood organization?

  • Please stop by the store and speak with the Community Coordinator.
  • Thanks for all you do to help the Seven Corners community.

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