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Our spacious deli has a lot going on. There's something for everyone's appetite, from made-to-order woks to artisan pizzas. Grab a bite to go or take a seat in our roomy seating area and consider this: back in the 1920's Rose Merlo ran a horseradish farm named Beaverton Foods. Her recipes caught on with the neighbors and before long Rose and her family had a thriving local business.

Today, we're proud to say you can pick up a jar of Beaverton Foods Horseradish in our store, conveniently located near the olives. And Beaverton Foods' headquarters is located just a few miles from our store!

Need some fresh air? Soak up our outdoor bioswale sculpture by Ivan McLean.

What’s new:

  • A new Wine & Beer Bar
  • A redesigned Cheese Department—plus, more olives
  • A new Wok & Ramen Bar
  • A Burrito Bar

We host tours for grade school students throughout the year.

We love to teach local kids about healthy, nutritious eating, where their food comes from, what organic means, and of course, how a grocery store operates!

As a proud supporter of Loaves & Fishes, the Meals-On-Wheels People, we help make weekly deliveries of food and conversation to seniors in our neighborhood.

Looking for a donation for your neighborhood organization?

  • Please stop by the store and speak with the Community Coordinator. 
  • Thanks for all you do to help the Cedar Hills community.

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