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Looking to make sense of the world of supplements and herbal remedies? Our Wellness staff are knowledgeable and up-to-date on everything from the most latest cold remedy to innovative alternatives in natural cosmetics. Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to make the best choices for you and your family. Got a question? Just ask us.

Meet Cindy Young

For more than 13 years as our wellness buyer, Cindy has been searching out the best products to meet your needs, while building a team of experts our communities depend on. Above all, she’s created a culture of learning—every member of our Wellness staff is engaged in continuing education to ensure that their knowledge is broad, deep, and up-to-date. But our knowledge doesn’t end with products—we know our customers as well. From curating unique selections at each of our stores to bringing you over a thousand Wise Buys that put vitality in your budget, Cindy and her team are dedicated to your health every day of the week.

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Mickelberry Gardens

Portland, OR

For Matt and Madelyn Morris, honey is more than delicious—it's the foundation for an array of heath tonics. Matt brings years of beekeeping experience and Madelyn an expertise in environmental sustainability. Together, their passion is sourcing the best organic bee pollan from local beekeepers throughout the Pacific Northwest and making a high-quality line of honey products. They've recently released their Mountain Wildflower Honey, made from bees that forage on indigenous wildflowers like snowberry and huckleberry.

As for their tonics—they're crafted with their own raw honey, raw organic apple cider vinegar, and house-crafted organic herbal extracts, and address everything from immune support to stress relief. Choose from Elderberry Honey Tonic, Throat & Lung Honey Tonic, Relaxation Honey Tonic, Ginseng Honey Tonic and Honey Propolis Throat Spray.

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Portland, OR

Over a decade ago, two friends — Lori Basson & Sarah Hanna — tried making soap. After much hard work, experimentation, and a large inventory of soap curing in their basement, Camamu was born. All of their soaps are still lovingly handmade, in keeping with their commitment to artisan production methods. Always all-natural, Camamu soaps are formulated to provide superlative care to the skin. 

Visit their website.

Merry Hempsters

Eugene, OR

Eco-savvy Gerry Shapiro founded Eugene-based Merry Hempsters back in 1995, following encouragement from friends. His vision? To demonstrate the versatility of the high-growing variety of renewable Cannabis. He starts with top-quality organic hempseed oil from Canada and crafts each of his wellness products by hand. What began as a one-man show has grown into a nationally-distributed line of organic lip balms, muscle rub and tattoo aftercare lotion. And in honor of Hemp History Week, you can save $1.00 on his entire line of Certified Organic cold-pressed hempseed oil lip balms at New Seasons Market.

Learn about Hemp History Week>>


Olympia, WA

Alaffia makes some of the finest shea butter products in the world.

They’re also making a big difference for the women of Togo, West Africa, who face staggering rates of unemployment. “In Togo, women’s skills were not deemed worthy of the workplace,” says Alaffia’s Togo-born founder, Olowo-n'djo Tchala. “We wanted to create gender empowerment by using women’s traditional knowledge.”

That traditional knowledge—the pounding, heating, and blending of the shea nut to make shea butter—just happens to create a superior product. Unlike stark white “refined” shea butter, Alaffia’s rich golden shea reaches us in its natural state—with all of its natural antioxidants intact.

Visit their website.

Mad Hippie Facial Care

Portland, OR

Nicaragua’s ex-pat surf scene might seem like an unlikely starting point for a revolutionary skin care line. But when you think about it, it makes perfect sense—a surfer’s skin gets dried, soaked, burned and dried again, all in the course of a hard day’s play. Sam and Dana Stewart were living the dream as managers of a small Nicaraguan B & B when they had the inspiration to start Mad Hippie, a line of natural skin care containing far more active ingredients than the competition. “More actives, more results,” has been their guiding principle, allowing single Mad Hippie products to do the work of three or four traditional serums. As their company’s loyal following has grown, the Stewarts have settled down right here in Portland, Oregon—a place where quite a few Mad hippie dreams have been known to come true.

Oregon’s Wild Harvest

Sandy, OR

Oregon Wild Harvest is committed to growing, harvesting and packaging whole herbs to support wellness gently and effectively. Their beautiful farm outside Sandy, Oregon, is certified biodynamic as well as organic, meaning that the farm is a self-contained ecosystem that is run in harmony with the natural cycles of the planet. These pure and potent remedies are formulated based on decades of scientific research, and are handled with care from seed to capsule.

Listen to the podcast.

Portland Bee Balm

Portland, OR

Sure, organic beeswax lip balm is totally “Portland.” But Portland Bee Balm owners Brad and Anika Swift go beyond trends—they’re sustainable vanguards. Each stick of Bee Balm manifests their vision to support local beekeeping, which in turn supports our community food system. Plus, ingredients like organic olive oil and coconut oil work wonders for chapped lips—and that’s why they’re humbly surpassing large-scale competitors. Theirs is a product that reigns not only because it’s effective, but also because it’s affecting real change.

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Ashland, OR

B is also for beauty: this local certified B Corp handcrafts body care products with a connection to people and planet.


Wendy Ashley was a single mother in rural Oregon when she first had the inspiration to offer nutrient-rich botanicals such as shea butter, cocoa butter and calendula oil—superfoods for the skin in their pure, unrefined forms. From the beginning, Wendy knew she needed to do it right—her company, Inesscents, was among the first to achieve B Corp certification. Its credentials are clear: Fairly traded or locally sourced, organic, passionately ecological and dedicated to providing its employees a living wage. And as it’s added full lines of natural fragrances and massage oils, Inesscents is showing how a small company can grow while keeping its roots firmly planted in the earth.

Wild Carrot Herbals

Enterprise, OR

A fifth-generation Oregonian and committed organic farmer, Jody Berry launched Wild Carrot Herbals after years spent developing body products to nourish her own sun-weathered skin. We love that Wild Carrot Herbals continues to provide our customers with handcrafted, environmentally friendly products made of plant-based ingredients, directly from the Pacific Northwest. Home Grown, indeed!


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