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We’re your full-service fish market, bringing you the freshest seafood we can find. Here in the Northwest, fishing has been a way of life for thousands of years—and we’d like to help contribute to the health of our rivers and oceans. That’s why we’re committed to conscientious seafood sourcing, with three key tenets guiding us: We carry sustainable seafood, buy directly and locally whenever possible, and pass our knowledge onto you. Have a question? Just ask one of our passionate fishmongers—they’ll have an answer.


Linda Brand Crab

Ilwaco, Washington

Every year, we anticipate the arrival of Dungeness Crab from Linda Brand Crab. Why? Linda Brand Crab catches all their crab on one boat and cooks them onsite. We consistently buy our Dungeness crab directly from founders John and Patricia Edwards, who operate out of Ilwaco, Washington, near the mouth of the Columbia River. Marine biologists often ride along to monitor the health of the crab population, and John and Patricia are careful to release females and younger, fertile males to help maintain the health of the fishery. This is the... Read More...


Community Supported Fishery

Garibaldi, OR

Relationships are what make our stores different—relationships with our customers, our farmers and our fishermen. Community Supported Fishery in Garibaldi, Oregon, feels the same way: they’ve created a model to help small-boat fishermen sell directly to the buyers that value their sustainable practices and beautiful ocean-troll, line-caught fish. CSF fishermen such as Mark Wilde and Jeff Wong provide us with an array of wild fish, but it’s in late July that their albacore tuna takes the spotlight. Because this light, mild fish can be... Read More...