Pies. Cakes. Brownies. Cookies. Our in-house pastry chefs were born to wrangle your inner sugar beast. Gluten-free but still want a decadent treat? Step right up, ’cause our pastry case has something for every diet.


Willamette Valley Pie Co.

Willamette Valley

The Roth family founded the Willamette Valley Fruit Company with the belief that our region grows some of the best fruit in the world. Lucky for us, they jumped at the opportuity to purchase the little pie company down the road in 2001 and have been making luscious scratch-baked pies as the Willamette Valley Pie Company ever since. They’re deeply connected to the source of their ingredients—small farmers up and down the valley dedicated to growing the best fruit possible. That’s why we’ve chosen them to bake our private... Read More...


New Cascadia Traditional Bakery

Portland, OR

Chris and Teresa Gumke’s pillowy loaves, crisp pizzas, and flaky pastries have been challenging conventions of gluten-free baking since 2007. The inspiration behind launching the business was personal, and Chris credits New Season’s nutritionist Christi Reed for helping to demystify food choices: “Back in 2006 when my wife Teresa and I were still in the process of learning to negotiate the challenges of eating a gluten-free diet, we visited New Seasons Market for their gluten-free store tour.” Today, New Cascadia Traditional Bakery... Read More...