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This coming season it’s all about healthy mamas and babies, gluten-free goodness, and eating well without breaking your budget.

In honor of Celiac Awareness Month, May will feature Gluten-Free Food Fairs at several stores as well as various classes and tours with a gluten-free focus.

Are you expecting or hope to be someday soon?  Throughout April, May and June we’re offering store tours focused on maternal nutrition at five of our stores.  You’ll learn about healthy diets prior to conception, while you’re eating for two, and after your little one is born.

On a tight grocery budget? Join us for a store tour that highlights budget conscious, nutrient-dense food choices. You’ll go home with new ideas and change to spare.

In addition to our New Seasons Market nutritionists, we have a record number of classes offered by outside practitioners. Take a minute to explore our Spring Wellness Schedule and register for a class or tour today.

All classes and tours are free. Register now. Here’s how:

Please include your name and phone number, as well as the class title, date of class and store location.

Please register at least 24 hours in advance!


In addition to our in-store staff, classes, tastings and workshops, you can also look up info on health, nutrition, herbal remedies, weight loss diets and more on Healthnotes.


Pasture-raised Eggs

What’s better than a candy-filled plastic egg? A fresh pasture-raised egg, of course. Boasting vibrantly orange yolks and better flavor, pasture-raised eggs are nutritionally superior to conventional eggs. When hens roam and forage on a natural diet—including plants and insects—their eggs contain more anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids and fewer pro-inflammatory omega-6 fatty acids, along with a healthy dose of vitamin D. So leave the egg white omelets behind, because the good stuff’s in the yolks, folks!


TIP: Want a change? Take a crack at pasture-raised duck eggs. Slightly larger and with a richer flavor, duck eggs are higher in most nutrients than chicken eggs.


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