Think of us as your full-service neighborhood butcher. Looking for a special cut or need to pick up some quick grilling tips? Just ask us. Wanna know where your meat comes from? So do we. That’s why all of our meat—beef, chicken, lamb, pork, and turkey—comes from ranchers we know and trust.


Champoeg Farms

St. Paul, Oregon

On a small family farm near St. Paul, Oregon, turkeys are raised the old-fashioned way: roaming freely on pasture, with plenty of fresh air, clean water, food and space. Mark Anderson and his family are deeply committed to being responsible stewards of their animals and land. Their genuine love for what they do is apparent in the delicious turkeys we offer for Thanksgiving.


Diestel Family Turkey Ranch

Sonora, CA

In 1949, using the knowledge gained from working on his Uncle Ernest’s ranch, Jack Diestel, began his own turkey ranch in Sonora, California. Today, Jack’s son Tim and his family continue the tradition of naturally growing range turkeys in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, using the same time-honored methods. The turkeys are free to roam and breathe the crisp mountain air, are fed an all-vegetarian diet, and are free of hormones and antibiotics, resulting in pure, old-fashioned turkey flavor.


Country Natural Beef

Frenchglen, OR

What makes Country Natural Beef so special? Eastern Oregon ranchers Doc and Connie Hatfield started the ranching co-op almost 30 years ago with the goal of gathering like-minded cattle producers who are committed to being responsible stewards of the land and their herds. Like everyone at New Seasons Market, they never settle for the status quo. All the family ranches that make up the Country Natural Beef cooperative raise cattle without added hormones or antibiotics, and cattle graze on natural forages of the West’s native grasslands,... Read More...