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Want to know where your meat comes from? So do we. That's why all of our meat — beef, chicken, lamb, pork, turkey — comes from ranchers we know personally. Humanely raised, vegetarian fed and grown without the use of antibiotics or growth hormones, we think you'll agree this is the best-tasting meat around. 

Sinner's Smoked Sausage

Portland, OR 

In 1945, John C. Sinner opened Fremont Market, a sawdust-floor butcher shop on the corner of NE Williams and Fremont. For over two decades, loyal customers flocked to “Sinner’s” for his perfectly spiced German wurst sausages. Before he died, he left the recipe to his daughter, Lisa Hetzler—a gift she held close for more than 30 years. When we opened our Williams store on Sinner’s former lot in 2013, Lisa saw an opportunity to revive her father’s craft—she donated his recipe to New Seasons Market. We’re honored to continue the family legacy by selling a delicious piece of Portland’s history—Sinner’s Smoked Sausage.  



Country Natural Beef

Frenchglen, OR

What makes Country Natural Beef so special? Eastern Oregon ranchers Doc and Connie Hatfield started the ranching co-op almost 30 years ago with the goal of gathering like-minded cattle producers who are committed to being responsible stewards of the land and their herds. Like everyone at New Seasons Market, they never settle for the status quo. All the family ranches that make up the Country Natural Beef cooperative raise cattle without added hormones or antibiotics, and cattle graze on natural forages of the West’s native grasslands, pastures and forests. This way, the ranchers can honor their commitment to protect the land, and embrace the values of people who appreciate high-quality beef—while we get the best meat possible.

Watch the Country Natural Beef 25th Anniversary Celebration & Aspen Valley Ranch Tour Slideshow.


Ferndale, WA

We partner with Hempler’s because of their ability to create our products using our local pork, and because of their deep roots in the Pacific Northwest.

Our ham is smoked over natural hardwoods, cured with local GloryBee honey, free of artificial ingredients and naturally gluten-free. Our ham contains no nitrates or nitrites except those occurring naturally in sea salt and celery powder. All of the pork used for our ham is raised to our standards by our friends at Rieben Farms in Banks, Oregon, and Pure Country Pork, in Euphreta, Washington, the same ranchers who have been supplying New Seasons Market for many years. 

Reister Farms

Washougal, Washington

Spring is prime time for high-quality lamb, and Reister Farms in Washougal, Washington, produces some of the best around—prized by local chefs and home cooks alike. Jake and Rachel Reister’s third-generation family farm is dedicated to environmental responsibility and pasture grazing for maximum nutrition. Their antibiotic- and hormone-free lambs graze on lush, natural grass and are never fed GMO feeds—a healthy diet that is passed on to shoppers at our newest store at Fisher’s Landing in Vancouver. Lamb doesn’t get more local than this! For greatest tenderness and unmatched flavor, Reister Farms’ lamb is dry-aged for seven days before packaging and is delivered to our Vancouver store fresh, never frozen. New Seasons Market is proud to bring high-quality, locally raised Reister Farms Lamb to our shoppers. 

Rieben Farms

Banks, OR

Greg Rieben is a fourth generation farmer and pork producer on the same land in Banks, Oregon that his great-grandfather started farming in 1889. Our relationship with the Rieben family is strong and long-lasting, largely due to our meat department's initial work with the family in improving their operation. Together, the Rieben family and volunteers from our meat department built innovative hoop structures at their farm in the early 2000's. Additionally, our Director of Meat & Seafood Alan Hummel worked with the Riebens to commit to providing antibiotic-free, vegetarian-fed pork. Alan also helped them develop a closed liquid system for their hog production, for which they were given the “Farm Stewardship Award” by the Tualatin Watershed. Today, Reieben Farms remains our primary producer of high-quality pork.

View a slideshow of Rieben Farms.

Watch a video of the hoop structure build.


Umpqua Valley Lamb

Riddle, OR

Umpqua Valley Lamb is a partnership of Oregon ranching families that raise antibiotic-free, grass-fed lamb. We’ve had a strong relationship with their ranchers for years — they spend two weekends a year in our stores, sampling their products and educating customers and staff about their practices. They also host New Seasons Market’s meat counter staff at their ranches once a year, so we can see where the meat comes from and understand exactly what makes Umpqua Valley Lamb so special.


Leading the herd

Our partnership with Country Natural Beef runs deep: Alan Hummel, our meat & seafood merchandising director, has been working with the ranching co-op for more than 13 years. So when Alan asked Stacy Davies of Country Natural Beef to consider shifting cattle away from a finish feed based on corn it was an easy conversation. As a result, we are now proud to be able to offer Country Natural Beef raised without the use of antibiotics or added growth hormones, 100% vegetarian-fed and now finished without corn or other GMO grains.

The beef is finished on a ration* of wheat or barley, cooked potatoes, alfalfa hay, and a mineral/vitamin supplement. Country Natural Beef is diligently working to eliminate all GMO feeds offered to their cattle during the animal’s entire life. Removing corn and all GMO grains from the finish ration is a significant first step in this process, and we’re proud of the part we played in making it happen.

*There are no GMO wheat, barley or potatoes commercially grown in the US today. The alfalfa hay used in the ration is grown from non-GMO seed. The supplement does not contain GMOs; the oil in which the potatoes are cooked could contain a small amount of GMO-derived products (less than 0.1% of the ration).





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