Beer & Wine

Whether it’s a Belgian farmhouse ale or a Pinot Noir from Newberg, Oregon, our selection showcases the best of the Northwest—and wide selection from around the world. The stewards working the aisles in this department have a deep, almost obsessive knowledge of beer and wine. Even better? They’re friendly, approachable and always ready with a pairing suggestion for any meal. Want a sip? Be sure to check your store’s calendar, because each store holds a weekly beer and wine tasting. Interested in stocking the cellar? Mix and match 6 wine bottles (including bubbly), you’ll enjoy a 10% discount. Even better? Save 20% on 12 bottles—every time.

We’re super excited about our partnership with Cork ReHarvest to help remove corks from the waste stream. Just drop off your used corks at any one of our stores (ask your wine steward if you need a hand) and we’ll pass them along for repurposing and recycling. Learn more at


Ayres Vineyard

Newberg, Oregon

A bottle of wine is best enjoyed among friends—and some of the best wines are created among friends, as well. This last summer, New Seasons wine buyer Hilary McCown teamed up with our good friends Brad and Kathleen McLeroy at Ayres Vineyard, sampling a whole lot of barrels to craft our new OverJoy Pinot Noir—named for Portland founders William Overton and Asa Lovejoy. Relying exclusively on rainfall, ultra-sustainable Ayres Vineyard draws on the Ribbon Ridge’s unique terroir, which imparts an unmistakable note of baking spice. Combining... Read More...


Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider

Like many great food-and-drink stories, Reverend Nat’s started with a great harvest. Founder Nat West’s friend in Northeast Portland had the enviable problem of a backyard tree with too many apples. The two churned out a houseful of pies, but with still more fruit on the tree, Nat went about constructing his very first cider press. It was love at first quaff, and within a few years Nat’s hobby had become an obsession. “It’s the perfect way to preserve the fruit,” Nat tells us. “The apple wants to become cider.” Today, his... Read More...


Double Mountain Brewery

Hood River, OR

For decades Hood River has been a destination for windsurfers and snowboarders—and ever since Double Mountain Brewery opened on St. Patrick’s Day, 2007, it’s been a destination for beer lovers as well. We feel pretty lucky that these high-country brewers started bottling: both our customers and our staff have fallen in love with their bold, flavorful brews, from the top-selling Vaporizer, a dry-hopped pale ale, to the quaffable German-inspired Kölsch. The folks at Double Mountain put it simply enough: they brew the kind of beers that... Read More...