Organic artisan breads made with great care

Artisan breads made from scratch,
daily in the Old World tradition

Sure, we know you have a favorite. But have you tried our Olive Ciabatta or Focaccia? The only thing more satisfying than the scent of our freshly baked breads is the first bite, followed by the next. There are so many to choose from. Stop by the bakery counter for samples. All our European-style artisan breads and sandwich breads are made from scratch using organic ingredients and baked fresh daily.

We now offer Non-GMO Project Verified bakery bread

Our bakeries have always done things a little differently. From day one, we were the only Oregon Tilth Certified Organic bakery in town (and in fact we’re still the only one). In the years since, we’ve sourced organic ingredients from local suppliers like Camas Country Mill, donated thousands from sourdough sales to The Meals on Wheels People—all while hand-crafting our bread daily—and never, ever freezing it. This year, we’ve taken what might be our biggest step ever: we’re now among the first bakeries in the Northwest to achieve Non-GMO Project verification—for twenty offerings and counting. That means the Non-GMO Project has vetted every ingredient, every source and every process, helping to ensure what goes into our bread is the same goodness that’s gone into traditional breads for generations. And with thousands of Verified products throughout the store, you’ve got options far beyond the bread aisle. 





Organic Ciabatta

Ciabatta, or Italian "slipper" bread, characterized by its open crumb (big holes) and chewy crust.

Olive Ciabatta

Juicy kalamata olives dot this Italian "slipper" bread with a chewy crust and airy interior.

Organic French Batard

Crunchy, crispy French bread with a light and airy interior.

Garlic Romano

French style bread loaded with Romano cheese and whole cloves of garlic that roast to perfection while baking.

organic Seven Grain

Sweetened with organic honey and made with seven healthy grains.

Organic Sicilian

Made with organic semolina then rolled in sesame seeds and left to slowly rise in wicker baskets.

Organic Sourdough

Made with our secret sourdough starter dating back to 1849. We donate 50¢ from the sale of each loaf to Loaves & Fishes, The Meals-On-Wheels People.  


Loaded with whole wheat, walnut chunks, flax and millet. Made with wild yeast.

Organic Wheat Levain

Quintessential European country loaf. Made with whole wheat and wild yeast.

Organic French Baguette

Crunchy, crispy French bread with a light and airy interior.

Organic Sourdough Baguette

Tangy, chewy and crisp. Made with our secret sourdough starter dating back to 1849.

Organic French Mini Baguette

Smaller version of our signature baguette. Light and airy with a thin crispy crust. We follow the same method the French have been using since the 1800's.

Garlic Romano Mini Baguette

French bread with Romano cheese and whole cloves of garlic that roast during baking.


Traditional soft and chewy Italian flat bread. Made with extra virgin olive oil and fresh rosemary.

New Cascadia Traditional Bakery

Portland, OR

Chris and Teresa Gumke’s pillowy loaves, crisp pizzas, and flaky pastries have been challenging conventions of gluten-free baking since 2007. The inspiration behind launching the business was personal, and Chris credits New Season’s nutritionist Christi Reed for helping to demystify food choices: “Back in 2006 when my wife Teresa and I were still in the process of learning to negotiate the challenges of eating a gluten-free diet, we visited New Seasons Market for their gluten-free store tour.” Today, New Cascadia Traditional Bakery is a leader of Portland's gluten-free scene with their wildly popular storefront in Southeast Portland. “We have come full circle,” says Chris, “from being customers taking a gluten-free store tour to becoming providers of gluten-free baked goods at New Seasons.” New Seasons Market is proud to offer New Cascadia’s high-quality artisan breads, granola, and pastries to our gluten-free customers. 

Visit their website.

Camas Country Mill

Eugene, OR

We have an intimate relationship with Camas Country Mill, which supplies us with organic whole wheat flour, used in almost all of our whole wheat breads. Family owned and operated since the ‘50s, Camas Country Mill enables us to have a connection from farm to mill to bakery, supporting our regional food economy. Their miller delivers flour to our stores each week!   

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